Stories as a Service

For when you've run out of features to add to your product, but also can't add Stories yourself

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Stories are everywhere

See what people think of Stories in your favorite apps

Someone out there is adding stories to their product right now but we don't know who it is yet
Aaron Levie - CEO at Box Inc.
i hope they hear me when i say that not all products need stories and you will burn an extraordinary amount of time and energy trying to implement it, for very little to no benefit.
Erica Baker - Director of Engineering at GitHub
Putting fleet responses in DMs is the most offensive thing ever.
Christina Warren - Sr Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Stop wasting time on Stories

When you add our Stories with StaaS, you can get back to all the other important features you've been putting off.

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Does my product need Stories?

If LinkedIn and Twitter have Stories, you might as well too.

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If there's enough interest, it just might be!

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